My first book – Out in March 2015

Rambles into Sacred Realms: Exploring Divinity through Pen and Paint

(As interviewed by Michele Logan)

When I was walking with my wife along the shores of Lake Michigan in Wilmette one afternoon three years ago, my wife asked me if I ever wanted to publish my travel journals and artwork I’d been writing and painting over the past 30 years.
As I began thinking about some of my life adventures: suddenly being surrounded by a pack of feral dogs while sketching a temple in Thailand; not knowing how to swim and wading in chin-deep waters of an underground cave in Belize where Maya called to their gods through human sacrifices; and having a venomous cobra slither across my feet as I sat and sketched a shrine in Cambodia – I decided I wanted to share with the world the places of divine power that have always intrigued me.

Book CoverIn my new book Rambles into Sacred Realms: Exploring Divinity through Pen and Paint, I invite readers to experience the adventure, drama and humor illustrating my travels. The book is an eclectic collection of 12 chapters, each from a different country that appealed to me. From the fiery volcanoes of Hawaii to Stonehenge in the U.K. and the ancient temple town of Angkor, Cambodia, each chapter includes an essay about a particular site, several pieces of artwork executed in a variety of mediums and captions highlighting the essence of the moment that inspired the drawings.

Shanti Arts Publishing, an independent publishing company in Brunswick, Maine, optioned the rights to the book, which will be available in September 2014 for media review and then for sale online and in bookstores in spring 2015.

The book was written for an international audience: world wanderers, armchair travelers, readers who are intrigued by exotic cultures, artists and art lovers and those who enjoy preserving their travel memories like I do. I’m excited that my message will get to a lot of places big and small – I get joy out of that. Hopefully this book will inspire people to seek out some of the lesser-known places around the world and look at them through a different lens.


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