Sparrows by the Columns

From Ambarnath, India I stood in an ancient shrine to Lord Shiva – the Destroyer of Death in the Hindu Trinity. Known as the shrine of Ambreshwar or the Lord of the Skies, this was a 10th Century stone jewel incredibly tucked away in the heart of a bustling Mumbai suburb. Intricate…

In Divine Denali

From Fairbanks, Alaska The hush of silence was indeed mesmerizing. The swath of the 600-mile Alaska Range glistened in the landscape. Yellow specks mottled the trees in the boreal forests – Nature was readying herself in choicest finery for the approaching fall.

Fear Quite Near

From Fairbanks, Alaska   A safe 200 feet ahead of me atop a knoll, a pair of huge grizzlies ravenously chomped away at a soapberry patch. ‘Make yourself be heard – just don’t surprise the bears!’ had been the ranger’s warning. If threatened by a grizzly I would simply need to play…

The Temple Heist

From Varanasi, India The rhesus monkeys or what I simply call “temple monkeys” are a frequent sight in these parts of the world. However, the Hanuman langur is probably less common in urban areas of Varanasi. Named after the Hindu monkey-god Hanuman, these primates are treated with some reverence.


From Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming It was early morning as we hurriedly rolled out of bed for an early morning raft ride on the Snake River. Here, in the Grand Teton National Park, Nature remained unclothed in her raw beauty, shorn of kiosks and stalls, tourists and clangor. All was quiet.

Sunset and Serenity

From timeless Sedona Our guide carefully uncovered an ancient Hopi flute from his patterned cloth bag. Mellifluous strains broke the quiet hush of the rocky landscape. Is that what he had meant by ‘conversing’ with Nature? “You can also absorb Earth’s energy through a medicine-wheel ritual,” he intoned. Having driven 300 miles…