Sanctuary of the Gods

From Ellora Caves, India

We were more than 15 miles away from the colorful township of Aurangabad and 250 miles from the bustle of Mumbai. Our creaky Jeep headed for the renowned Ellora Caves was groaning through a winding ascent.

“Here are 34 caves carved out in a crescent curve on the slope of these low hills,” our guide told us.

Products of different religious schools of thought, 13 of these caves are Buddhist, 16 have a distinct Hindu influence and the rest belong to the Jains.


Did ocher-robed monks once congregate here in prayer? Built between the 1st and the 11th centuries, these rock temples and holy monasteries seemed to coexist, each preaching the subtle truths of their philosophies.

Finding a quiet spot away from the clamor of Sunday tourists, I captured this sunlit scene in several washes of India ink.


– In my new book Rambles into Sacred Realms: Exploring Divinity through Pen and Paint, I invite readers to experience such adventure and imagery illustrating my travels.



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