Sentinels in the Sands

From Mahabalipuram, India – Dispatch 1 of 3


I watched the waves lashing adamantly on the rocks, the hushing foam sweeping the sands. I stood by the Shore Temple, an ancient structure lost in time.

An hour’s palm-fringed drive along the road from Chennai in South India sprawls this once-flourishing sea-port – domain of the mythological vain king Bali, who was humbled by Vishnu, the Protector god of the Hindu pantheon.


Mamallapuram, as it is popularly known, was once the kingdom of the Great Wrestler or Mamalla, King Narasimhavarman I (630 A.D -668 A.D) who had built the earliest of its monuments.

After a few sketches and photographs with my ancient black-and-white Rolleiflex, I proceeded to prepare my own scratchboard with gesso on hardboard with several coats of diluted black ink.

It was 1986 – one of my earliest pieces of such engraved art.



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