Light and Cloud

From Varanasi, India

Acrylic on board, 12 x 16, circa 1986

It was late afternoon in the holy city of Varanasi in India.

I had blundered from one spot to the other till I had wandered hopelessly far away from my destination. It had become ominously cloudy and a downpour seemed inevitable. For a fleeting impressionist moment the sun straggled through a cloud bank, lighting up the water and a distant bridge ahead. The mottle of boats and cattle added a strange vibrancy to the scene.

A washerman was hurriedly pulling clothes from a makeshift clothesline. An obdurate goat wouldn’t budge from its sunbathing moment much to the chagrin of its masters trying to hurry it home.

In this land of contrasts, a distant mosque loomed in the sweep of this ancient temple town.

Varanasi - Light and Clouds-2

I captured the conflict of moods with an ink drawing on a paper, later recreating the scene on hardboard painted white, using acrylic with a dry-brush technique I found effective.

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