The Queen of Sedona – my first wildlife pastel

From Sedona, Arizona

Pastels, Conte Crayons & Charcoal on Pastelbord – 11×14


Of course, there are no wild lions in Sedona, but here’s a portrait of a lone majesty that was perched upon a rock in the Out of Africa theme park.

I was there on a chilly and windy morning during Christmas. With time to kill before the safari into the Park, I ended up walking around the securely fenced enclosures which made for very poor viewing and pictures.

Given the vacation season I had decided to drop my zoom lens and ended up photographing its entire body with a 18-105mm lens and blew it up , later recreating this work on pastels over the long holidays.

Much after the work was completed, I had to recover from a horrific fixative disaster – I sprayed Lascaux fixative  on my work when it was originally completed – (never again!) which pretty much destroyed the colors completely. Cost me 7 additional hours of fur labor to bring it back to life again.

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The Queen of Sedona

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