Book Distribution and Sleepless in Chicago…

From Wilmette, IL, USA

Many of you have written  wondering why all that drumbeat about my imminent book launch has become a muted whisper.

Question Marks

Well, it so happens that  last week I have been busy learning the hard truths about book distribution channels, the murky world of print-on-demand competition, the supply chain mechanism from publisher to distributor to sub-distributor to bookseller to the reader and back. I have also learned esoteric terms like fulfillment and inventory management.

In other words, when can folks lay their hands on my book with a click of a button on an online retailer’s webpage?

Hopefully through all channels next week. Barnes and Noble and my publisher’s website (see links here) carry my book today, but Amazon is still waiting on a mystery consignment – which they say should be arriving by truck next Tuesday.

However if you simply cannot wait, please visit me in person during my book signing event (and I have ample copies!) on Sunday, April 19, Lakeview Center, Gillson Park, Wilmette, IL, USA and I will be happy to sign an autographed copy for you!

For those of you who have subscribed to my newsletter you will get an availability update hopefully next week.

Have a great weekend!

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